Social Anxiety

oktotalk: I’m 14. I’m a girl. And I’ve had Social Anxiety for 2 years now. (Social Anxiety is just the fear of being in public places for fear of being judged.) I used to be “normal”, popular, with lots of friends, until they turned on me. Forgot me. Two years of bullying or cold-shoulders until … Continue reading Social Anxiety

ringo-obsession: 12 June 1964. Actress Vivien Leigh meets Ringo Starr before boarding aircraft at London Airport. Ringo was on his way to meet up with the rest of The Beatles in Australia, while Leigh was travelling to the United States to appear in “Ship of Fools”, her last film. Continue reading


oktotalk: Everyone in my family seems to not care. They just kinda go on with their lives and not give me a second look. If I start acting weird or they see my cuts on my legs/wrists and they give me moral support for a few hours but then they think I’m okay cause I’m … Continue reading When