Well, the Governor Called…

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What’s What About You Know What

Please include my prayers for you also. You are very inspirational and wonderful I enjoy reading you’re posts very much.

Stick With Jesus

News Well, the Ides of March has passed and we have some answers and a new direction. Here’s how the oncologist visit yesterday. Vitals were good. (My BP caused the nurse to say, “You’re perfect.” At the same moment, my wife agreed with her while I suggested she needed to get out more!) Blood work was good. (There are some numbers that AREN’T perfect, but they have been “not perfect” for a while now and they are not too far out of the acceptable range and therefore…fine.) I only lost 3-4 pounds over the past month-ish and, given how much my eating/digestive habits have changed during that time, that’s a good number.
Then there are the CT scans. We’ll start at the top and work our way down. The thyroid continues to look good- in the sense that it hasn’t grown any since the last scan which is now months ago…

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Media Maintains Methadone is Menacing Mountains

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Last week, a colleague of mine directed my attention to local news coverage of the opioid use disorder epidemic. It’s a four-part series titled “Paths to Recovery.”

Anytime the press covers opioid use disorder and its treatments, I feel hope and dread. I hope the report will be fair and unbiased, and give the public much-needed information. And I dread the more likely stigmatization and perpetuation of tired stereotypes about methadone as a treatment for opioid use disorder.

Overall, the four segments of this news report had some good parts, and some biased parts. It was not a particularly well-done series, and could have benefitted from better editing. It was disjointed and contained non-sequiturs, which I suspect confused viewers.

In the introduction to the first segment, the report says their investigators have spent months digging into treatment options in the area. Their conclusion: there’s a variety of options…

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