Liar, Lunatic or Lord?: Liar

Stick With Jesus

There is an author named Paul Maier. In 1994, he published a fiction book called A Skeleton in God’s Closet. The gist of the book is that a Christian archeologist discovers a tomb in Jerusalem that holds an ancient skeleton. And EVERY fact about the skeleton points to it being the remains of…Jesus of Nazareth. The book then focuses on two things- the archeologist trying to prove that the skeleton is a hoax while wrestling with his own faith as he continues to be unable to prove that fact. He has a crisis of faith. I WON’T spoil the ending, just in case you ever read it!

Then, in 2003, Maier published a sequel- More Than a Skeleton. This fictional work focuses on a mysterious man who shows up in the Middle East, claiming to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. Our hero, the Christian archeologist, goes to try…

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