Pain Management on Buprenorphine

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I had a bit of writer’s block this week. I was pondering what topic I should tackle next on my blog. Then I got a phone call from a dentist’s nurse, and voila, problem solved.

I’m going to change the name and description of my patient to protect her identity.   “Sally” has been doing great the entire six months she’s been my patient. Sally was ready for recovery. Over the last ten years, she’s been to multiple inpatient programs, for up to three months at a time, for treatment of her opioid addiction. She had achieved some time in abstinent recovery, ranging from a few weeks up to nine months, but relapsed because she never felt normal off all opioids. She continued to have low-grade nausea, fatigue, and felt achy most days. When she saw me last summer, she’d been in a terrible relapse for around eight months, and had…

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