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Stereotypical neighbors from hell

You think you’ve finally found the perfect house in the perfect town. You move in, the excitement is uncontainable, and you think everything will be great. That is… until you meet your neighbor.

People from all walks of life can end up living next door, most of which are kind and wonderful people. Unfortunately, there always seems to be that one inconsiderate neighbor that doesn’t realize, or seem to care, that they’re the neighbor from hell. Below we’ve listed a number of the most stereotypical neighbors from hell.

Whether it be for the environment, one’s health or other important causes, convincing people to adopt new or uncommon behaviors can be difficult. One reason is that societal norms powerfully reinforce the status quo. A subtle shift in messaging can help. Focusing on how norms are changing can help people alter their behaviors. One question we’re interested in from a psychological standpoint is how…

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