15 minute DIY: Gold Leaf on Wood

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So, a couple of weeks ago I shared my complete obsession with gold leaf and I confessed that I had never, in all of my crafty-artsy-DIY-creative days worked with gold leaf.
Well, that changed!  I’m on a GL (that’s what I call it now, I refer to it so often….) creativity trend.

The grain, colors, and texture of wood contrast so beautifully with the shiny, glamorous gold leaf.  It’s especially appealing to me when the gold looks a little rustic and natural.  Almost as if it was formed inside or on the wood.  he more natural, the better, in my opinion!
Wouldn’t this be completely beautiful incorporated into furniture design somehow?  Maybe along the edges of a table, or little gleaming bits on drawer handles, or around a rustic wood frame?  Just let your DIY soul take it and run. 

This DIY tutorial is for applying gold leaf on wood. …

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