Freaky Shit I’ve Done: Part 2

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Public displays of affection are a common sight. Couples hug, hold hands and kiss in front of people all of the time. No big whoop. It doesn’t bother me, as long as it doesn’t stray too far from being G rated.

If you’re making out with someone in a car, parked on your local lovers lane, you are still technically in public, but you have a little more privacy. Sure, it’s a cramped space and everything, but it’s cheaper than getting a motel room and your only real problem is keeping an eye out for the fuzz.

giphyGet some, Daria!!Ah, taking a romantic stroll in the woods. What a perfect opportunity to get horizontal with your beloved. I had a high school friend who claimed that while she was having sex with her boyfriend on a pile of leaves, she ended up getting jabbed in the ass with a…

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